About the Group

We are seven guys who love to sing a cappella songs, mostly from the Balkan countries. A few of us have been singing together for twenty years. The rest joined a bit later. We come from various musical backgrounds (classical, folk and jazz ensembles, church choirs, musical theater, etc.), and most of us regularly perform with other groups.

Our first love, and still our specialty, is klapa singing from Croatia's Dalmatian coast (where the spotted dogs got their name, too), one of the most beautiful shorelines in the world. Klapa simply means group, and the songs are arranged for at least four singers - first and second tenors, baritone and bass. Originally, the harmony parts were improvised. Rumors abound that drinking was involved. Today, klapa songs are pretty much all arranged, sometimes intricately. But get a group of klapaphiles around a table with a few bottles of red wine, and new harmonies can still spontaneously erupt.

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